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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Tomorrow, Today.

My deepest desire is freedom. My earnest wish is peace.
In my few years of fighting, we will win, i know this.
There are days I wish to run and live free.
Live joyfully among the beasts and the trees.

Alas my heart cannot know peace. I was built, for bigger things.
When the rivers run free, and the wilderness is safe
I will create within it, my own little nest
I shall not steal, I shall not burn
This will be my right, this I will earn.

No matter how many tears I shed,
I will weep no more, indeed, I too, have bled.
Pray for me, brother, my fight is yours
for the children of tomorrow, this is our war.

Until we are safe, and our souls truly free
I continue to dream of my little nest under a tree.
The city lights are too bright, it's sounds frighten me
This is a new Africa, the belly of greed

By day they smile, by night the steal,
all of Africa's treasures, all our future meals.
Those we hoped would bring salvation,
are bit by demons, they are our damnation

While others fall, and fail in patience,
I countinue to fight, this is my nation.
One day this will all be over, one day I will see the end
I hope that I won't be too old, remember my desire, friend?

Show me flowers, sow me seeds,
Take me home, to the birds and beasts,
I have done my duty, now I rest
My home in the wilderness, my final years are the best

What fires I have seen,
What a life, what a test.
How happy I must be, under the acacia tree,
In my little nest.


  1. Hi dear Warrior!

    I follow you on Facebook from long time.
    Thanks for all you are doing to support the great wild cause.

  2. Deep!! deep and creative!!!!....It also makes sense to me esp the first paragraph "my deepest desire is freedom"...That brings out the theme of oppression which is awesome!..also "Live joyfully among the beasts and trees" brings out 2 meanings i.e 1.supporting wildlife and acknowledging their existence as part of nature. 2.It brings out the compromising nature of citizens in a nation of political disorders where the beasts are the Kenyan politicians and us citizens are crying for freedom by saying no to oppression!!...I'm still reading through the blog..Now on the 2nd paragraph...RAABIA YOU NEED A WEBSITE FOR ALL THIS...An interactive website where guyz comment and share views and ideas.

  3. Oh Raabia...You always speak to my soul....